Trust in planning for a rainy day

Mr Tan, a polytechnic lecturer, puts aside at least a few thousand dollars a year with his wife Mary in an SNTC trust. The trust is set up for his younger son David, who has Down syndrome. Part of the monies in his Central Provident Fund account and insurance policies will also go towards the trust.

Mr Tan believes that a trust will relieve the burden on the eventual caregiver of his son as dealing with a large sum of money is a big responsibility.

While he believes that his older son will take care of his younger brother, he knows that his older son will need to have his own life.

Mr Tan and his wife reviews the care plan yearly with SNTC, and he knows that his son will be well taken care of when they are no longer around with the SNTC trust fund.

Mr Tan’s article was first published in The Sunday Times in 2011.

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