Fulfilling the wishes of a client with fluctuating mental capacity

For elderly patients with fluctuating mental capacity, conveying their needs to others may not be as straightforward. However, that does not discount the possibility of having last wishes they would like others to fulfill on their behalf. In today’s series of “Voices from CMs”, our Case Manager, Ms Lynne Wong, recalled her similar encounter with […]

致一位看护者的公开信 (An Open Letter to a Caregiver)

您可能听说过“爱能移山”这句话。虽然您可能认为这是夸大其词,但我们希望看护者邓女士的真挚故事会改变您的想法。为了我们博客的 “个案经理的心声“ 系列,SNTC个案经理,林凤仙,呈上了以下感人的公开信。 You may have come across the saying, “love can move mountains”. While you may shove it aside thinking that it is an exaggeration, we hope that caregiver Alice’s heartfelt story would change your mind. The following is a touching open letter from one of our Case Managers, Ms Diana Lim, in our […]

SNTC’s Care Plan Primer

As many caregivers who attended our talks would have known, the first appointment with a Case Manager (CM) involves developing a customised care plan for their loved ones with special needs. Some of the things to consider before this first appointment will be the changing needs of the loved ones as they achieve important milestones […]

Dear Appointed Caregiver, will you take care of my loved one with special needs?

We are delighted to be starting a new blog category titled “Voices from CMs”. Every two months, SNTC’s Case Managers (CMs) will be sharing useful tips or thoughts with our readers. This February, Ms Goh Yee Ching, one of our CMs, contributes her insights on the topic of “Appointed Caregivers”. — “Please don’t let my […]