Caregiver who set up an SNTC trust for loved ones to manage finances (看护者到特需信托机构设基金助亲人应付生活)

On 25 Nov 2018, Zaobao featured an article on Mr Lao, a cleaner in his 80s. 《早报》在2018年11月25日刊登了一则有关劳先生, 一位80多岁清洁工人的故事. Mr Lao has 2 children with mental health conditions. As a result, they are unable to earn a living or take care of themselves. His 2 children’s futures remain his biggest worry. 劳先生的两个孩子都有精神状况, 无法自理或养活自己. 他最大的顾虑就是两个孩子日后的生活. Through a […]

More siblings are setting up trust accounts for their siblings with special needs (由专人代管钱财 更多人为特需手足设信托基金)

In December 2017, Zaobao covered an article to explain about SNTC, our services and fees. It also highlighted that there has been an increasing trend of siblings setting up SNTC trust accounts for their siblings with special needs. 在2017年12月,《早报》刊登了一则有关SNTC、我们的信托服务,以及特需信托收费的新闻。 报章也指出,有更多兄弟姐妹为有特殊需要的亲人设立特需信托。 The article also mentioned about the case of Mdm Wang, who was then 61 years […]

SNTC recognised in the region (特需信托机构运作模式受区域肯定)

On 20 Nov 2017, Zaobao covered an article on SNTC which highlighted that our mode of operations have been recognised in the region since our set-up in 2008. We have received many visits from overseas social service agencies as well as overseas parents of dependants with special needs. 《早报》在2017年11月20日刊登了一则关于SNTC的报导。该报导指出,自2008年成立以来,我们的运作模式已在区域里得到认可。有不少来自海外的志愿服务组织 以及有特殊需求孩子的父母都前来拜访考察。 In Nov 2017, Hong Kong […]