About 65% of trust accounts for people with disabilities set up by families living in HDB flats

From 2017 to Jan 2022, the set-up of SNTC trust accounts almost doubled from 447 to 889. To help more caregivers access these services, SNTC has introduced multiple sponsorship schemes for eligible low-income families. These schemes have been featured in The Straits Times on 18 Feb 2022. Read more here. Under our sponsorship for elderly […]

Parents of special needs children now able to future-proof long-term financial needs

Be the light in someone’s darkness by offering a Gift of a Lifetime (GOAL) to help low-income families with special needs children secure long-term financial needs. “About S$100,000 has been raised for the GOAL campaign on Giving.sg platform as at Friday (Nov 26), and the aim is S$1 million by September next year. The scheme […]

Caregiver who set up an SNTC trust for loved ones to manage finances (看护者到特需信托机构设基金助亲人应付生活)

On 25 Nov 2018, Zaobao featured an article on Mr Lao, a cleaner in his 80s. 《早报》在2018年11月25日刊登了一则有关劳先生, 一位80多岁清洁工人的故事. Mr Lao has 2 children with mental health conditions. As a result, they are unable to earn a living or take care of themselves. His 2 children’s futures remain his biggest worry. 劳先生的两个孩子都有精神状况, 无法自理或养活自己. 他最大的顾虑就是两个孩子日后的生活. Through a […]