SNTC recognised in the region (特需信托机构运作模式受区域肯定)

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On 20 Nov 2017, Zaobao covered an article on SNTC which highlighted that our mode of operations have been recognised in the region since our set-up in 2008. We have received many visits from overseas social service agencies as well as overseas parents of dependants with special needs.

《早报》在2017年11月20日刊登了一则关于SNTC的报导。该报导指出,自2008年成立以来,我们的运作模式已在区域里得到认可。有不少来自海外的志愿服务组织 以及有特殊需求孩子的父母都前来拜访考察。

In Nov 2017, Hong Kong announced that the Government would set up a special needs trust for persons with special needs after examining and learning from SNTC’s mode of operations.


The success of SNTC’s mode of operations is fundamentally dependable on the Singapore government’s support and funding. In June 2008, SNTC was set up with the support from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (then MCYS) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Learn more about SNTC on our main website.

SNTC运作模式的成功取决于新加坡政府的支持与资助。 在社会发展、青年及体育部(现为社会及家庭发展部 - MSF)和国家福利理事会(NCSS)的支持下,SNTC成立于2008年6月。若想了解更多SNTC的资讯, 请查询我们的主页

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