She’s their mother, sibling, guardian

Miss Seng has been caring for her four siblings with special needs since 1993 when her father died of liver cancer. She have five other brothers who are born healthy, but they are married and have to take care of their own families. Caring for her siblings and doing the household chores take up all her energy.

Miss Seng’s biggest worry is what will happen to her siblings if she dies unexpectedly, and whether they will get cheated of her savings.

Miss Seng said that she used to be bitter about being the sole caregiver, but she has learnt to stay positive. While she used to get financial support from her brothers, it has since dwindled because they had to support their own families. The siblings under her care do what they can to help with household expenses by working.

When SNTC was launched, Miss Seng promptly set up accounts for her siblings so that her elder brothers will find it easier to care for her siblings with special needs should anything happen to her. Her siblings are appreciative of their sister’s prudence.

Miss Seng’s story first appeared in The New Paper in 2010.

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