More siblings are setting up trust accounts for their siblings with special needs (由专人代管钱财 更多人为特需手足设信托基金)

siblings with special needs

In December 2017, Zaobao covered an article to explain about SNTC, our services and fees. It also highlighted that there has been an increasing trend of siblings setting up SNTC trust accounts for their siblings with special needs.

在2017年12月,《早报》刊登了一则有关SNTC、我们的信托服务,以及特需信托收费的新闻。 报章也指出,有更多兄弟姐妹为有特殊需要的亲人设立特需信托。

The article also mentioned about the case of Mdm Wang, who was then 61 years old. She has a younger brother who has intellectual disabilities and is in his 50s. Although Mdm Wang is very willing to take care of her younger brother, she is much older and therefore worried of her brother who does not know how to manage finances. As such, she decided to set up an SNTC trust account for her younger brother.

文章还提到了王女士(Mdm Wang)的案子。当时她61岁,有一个50多岁, 有智障的弟弟。 尽管王女士非常愿意照顾弟弟,但她年纪大了,也担心不会理财的弟弟。因此,她决定为弟弟设立一个特需信托。

This story first appeared in Zaobao on 18 December 2017. Read the original Chinese article here.


It is a common misunderstanding that trust accounts with SNTC must be set up by parents. Anyone (who fulfills the eligibility criteria of a settlor) can set a trust account for a person with special needs (= trust beneficiary). The trust funds will then be protected and safeguarded for the beneficiary’s long-term care needs. If you know of any caregiver who needs assistance, do contact us.

很多人可能会误解特需信托必须由父母为特需人士设立。事实上, 任何人(只要符合创立人的符合条件)都可以为特需人士(=信托受益人)设立特需信托户口。信托基金也将成为受益人的保障,支付他们长期的照护需求。如果您知道有需要帮助的看护者,请与我们联系。

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