Few set up trust fund to care for kin with disabilities

Mr Ong, who has intellectual disabilities, inherited his mother’s four-room flat, savings and insurance payout when she passed on. After paying for his fees at Metta Home for the Disabled and the expenses of his late father, the money ran out in 2012.

Mr Ong needed to sell the flat to fund for his stay at the home, but his late father’s relatives moved in and refused to leave, and he also lacked the mental capacity to authorise its sale. His cousin, Mr Tan, opened an SNTC trust account and applied to be Mr Ong’s deputy, allowing him to sell the flat.

After the flat was sold, his relatives moved out, and the sale proceeds was credited into Mr Ong’s trust, that can fund him for the rest of his life. Mr Ong’s account is also one of the 19 that have started paying out money to the dependants.

Mr Ong’s story was first published in The Straits Times in 2017.

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