Caregiver who set up an SNTC trust for loved ones to manage finances (看护者到特需信托机构设基金助亲人应付生活)

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On 25 Nov 2018, Zaobao featured an article on Mr Lao, a cleaner in his 80s.

《早报》在2018年11月25日刊登了一则有关劳先生, 一位80多岁清洁工人的故事.

Mr Lao has 2 children with mental health conditions. As a result, they are unable to earn a living or take care of themselves. His 2 children’s futures remain his biggest worry.

劳先生的两个孩子都有精神状况, 无法自理或养活自己. 他最大的顾虑就是两个孩子日后的生活.

Through a social worker’s referral, Mr Lao contacted SNTC to set up a trust for both his son and daughter. His niece also agreed to be the appointed caregiver (=successor caregiver) and deputy to act of behalf of Mr Lao’s children.

通过社工的转介, 劳先生联络SNTC, 并且设立了特需信托给他的子女. 他的外甥女也答应做劳先生孩子们的指定看护者 (=后任看护者) 以及代理人.

When Mr Lao passes on, the appointed caregiver will help to sell away Mr Lao’s flat, so that the sales proceeds can be used to top up the trust accounts of both children. The trust funds will then be disbursed for the long-term needs of the 2 children.

在劳先生不在时, 指定看护者会帮忙把劳先生的组屋售卖卖, 将所得投入两个信托户口. 信托基金则将分发钱以支付两个孩子日后的开销.

SNTC also worked with other community partners to help support the Lao’s family. For example, after understanding the family’s situation, SNTC referred Mr Lao’s son to SG Enable for employment opportunities.

SNTC也与其他社区伙伴合作来帮助劳先生. 例如, SNTC 转介劳先生的儿子予 SG Enable, 以帮助儿子找就业的机会.

With the trust set up, Mr Lao is less worried as there are arrangements in place for his children.

有了特需信托, 劳先生也比较放心. 因为他已为孩子们做了安排。

This story first appeared in Zaobao on 25 November 2018. Read the original Chinese article here.


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