A neighbour who was willing be an appointed caregiver(左邻热心女子愿扛重任 成右舍特需女儿信托关护人)

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In 2018, Zaobao covered a story of a family whose neighbour agreed to be the appointed caregiver (similar to successor caregiver) of an SNTC’s trust account for the family’s daughter with special needs.

在2018年,《早报》报道了一户家庭的故事。该家庭的邻居同意担任特需女儿的信托关护人 (类似于接班看护人)。

The family is made up of an old couple (father and mother) in their 70s, a son who stays in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), and a daughter with special needs. As the father was diagnosed with dementia, the mother was worried about the future of her daughter who could not take care of herself. She also did have any relatives or friends to help take care of her family members.


It was fortunate that her neighbour was willing to step up to be the appointed caregiver to help should the mother passes on one day. This same kind-hearted neighbour also agreed to be the will executor , so that the flat owned by both the mother and father could be sold when the old couple is no longer around one day, and the sales proceeds will be used to top up the trust account for the daughter. The trust funds will then be disbursed according to the mother’s wishes and be used to support the long-term care needs of the daughter.


As the neighbour is neither a beneficiary of the will nor the trust beneficiary of the SNTC’s trust for the family’s daughter, she has nothing to gain. It is truly a deed of kindness.


This story first appeared in Zaobao on 2 April 2018. Read the original Chinese article here.


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