SNTConnects Issue 5

As we welcome the start of a new year, we are pleased to bring to you the latest issue of our bi-annual e-newsletter! Do check out its content and learn about our past highlights, upcoming events, as well as new resources which we have specially created for our caregivers and community partners. Download and read […]

Highlights of 2020

As we head into the new year, let’s look back at some of SNTC’s highlights of 2020: SNTC had a successful caregiver workshop on self-care with facilitators from Hua Mei Training Academy on 18 Jan 2020. In partnership with SG Enable, SNTC supported our clients with financial and emotional relief to tide through COVID-19 with […]

More siblings are setting up trust accounts for their siblings with special needs (由专人代管钱财 更多人为特需手足设信托基金)

In December 2017, Zaobao covered an article to explain about SNTC, our services and fees. It also highlighted that there has been an increasing trend of siblings setting up SNTC trust accounts for their siblings with special needs. 在2017年12月,《早报》刊登了一则有关SNTC、我们的信托服务,以及特需信托收费的新闻。 报章也指出,有更多兄弟姐妹为有特殊需要的亲人设立特需信托。 The article also mentioned about the case of Mdm Wang, who was then 61 years […]

Frequently asked questions on Muslim Inheritance Law

In February 2019, Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis) and SNTC signed an agreement to support the community of Muslims with special needs. The Muis Special Needs Trust Scheme aims to benefit up to 100 Muslims with special needs in setting up trusts with SNTC. Since the launch of the Muis Special Needs Trust Scheme, SNTC has received an increased volume of enquiries from the Muslim community.