Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) 特需储蓄计划

The SNSS enables parents to set aside CPF savings for the long-term care of children with special needs. Under this nomination type, parents can nominate their children with special needs to receive monthly disbursements from the parents’ CPF savings after their demise. Watch the video below to learn more! 特需储蓄计划 (SNSS) 是由新加坡社会及家庭发展部 (MSF) 与公积金局(CPF Board)合作推出的计划。它是一种公积金提名方式。家长可通过SNSS的公积金提名方式,指定特需孩子在他们离世后,每月从他们的公积金户口获取固定的支出。请观看以下的视频以了解更多详情! […]

Dear Appointed Caregiver, will you take care of my loved one with special needs?

We are delighted to be starting a new blog category titled “Voices from CMs”. Every 2 months, SNTC’s Case Managers (CMs) will be sharing useful tips or thoughts with our readers. This February, Ms Goh Yee Ching, one of our CMs, contributes her insights on the topic of “Appointed Caregivers”. — “Please don’t let my […]

Join our “Watch & Win” contest on Facebook! 快来参加“看视频,赢奖金”的抽奖游戏!

We are excited to be running 2 concurrent Facebook contests – 1 in English and 1 in Chinese – until 28 Feb 2021! Do join us by watching a short animated video in English or Chinese, and submitting the answers to us in either English or Chinese. 我们很高兴能同时举办两个Facebook抽奖游戏: 一个英文和一个中文的抽奖游戏!这两个Facebook的抽奖游戏到2021年2月28日为止。参加方法很简单。 您只需通过观看英文或中文的动画视频,并以英文或中文向我们提交答案就行! There will be 2 unique […]

Caregiver who set up an SNTC trust for loved ones to manage finances (看护者到特需信托机构设基金助亲人应付生活)

On 25 Nov 2018, Zaobao featured an article on Mr Lao, a cleaner in his 80s. 《早报》在2018年11月25日刊登了一则有关劳先生, 一位80多岁清洁工人的故事. Mr Lao has 2 children with mental health conditions. As a result, they are unable to earn a living or take care of themselves. His 2 children’s futures remain his biggest worry. 劳先生的两个孩子都有精神状况, 无法自理或养活自己. 他最大的顾虑就是两个孩子日后的生活. Through a […]