10 facts about SNTC: 10th-year anniversary

sntc facts

Did you know that SNTC was officially established on 20 June 2008? To commemorate our 10th-year anniversary in 2018, we shared 10 facts about SNTC on Facebook. These facts included the number of trust accounts that have been set up with SNTC, or how many participants have attended our public education activities in the past 10 years!

We have always been steadfast in our mission to protect the financial well-being of persons with special needs. In 2016, we won an unprecedented court case against a will executor to recover monies set aside in the will for our beneficiary’s trust account. This case also happened to be the most well-received post in our 10th-year anniversary series on Facebook.

To view all the posts in our 10th-year anniversary Facebook series, search #SNTCturns10 on Facebook.

We are heartened by the support from our community, and will continue advocating for the financial safeguards of persons with special needs in the years ahead!

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