Fulfilling the wishes of a client with fluctuating mental capacity

For elderly patients with fluctuating mental capacity, conveying their needs to others may not be as straightforward. However, that does not discount the possibility of having last wishes they would like others to fulfill on their behalf. In today’s series of “Voices from CMs”, our Case Manager, Ms Lynne Wong, recalled her similar encounter with […]

Parents of special needs children now able to future-proof long-term financial needs

Be the light in someone’s darkness by offering a Gift of a Lifetime (GOAL) to help low-income families with special needs children secure long-term financial needs. “About S$100,000 has been raised for the GOAL campaign on Giving.sg platform as at Friday (Nov 26), and the aim is S$1 million by September next year. The scheme […]

SNTC “一辈子的馈赠” (GOAL)

一辈子的馈赠” (GOAL) 是一项赞助计划,帮助有特需孩子的父母购买一份 $100,000的定额定期保险计划,一旦受保人去世,这份保险金便会注入特需孩子的特需信托账户。 捐款予GOAL赞助计划 (通过 Giving.sg): https://bit.ly/GOALDonation 捐款予GOAL赞助计划 (通过银行转账或支票): https://bit.ly/GOALDonationForm 欲知更多详情,请下载 GOAL手册: https://bit.ly/SNTCGOALBrochure

Parents of special needs children now able to futureproof their long-term financial needs through SNTC collaboration with Great Eastern

Excerpts from SNTC’s joint news release with Great Eastern: Parents of special needs children can now multiply their financial provisions for them well into the future, through a partnership between SNTC and Great Eastern. Amounts which parents put into a trust arrangement with SNTC for their special needs child can be augmented through Great Eastern […]